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Barrett Design is about innovation and people's connection with buildings. 


We are currently exploring interactive ways for people to explore designs, including Interactive Walk-through and Virtual Reality experiences (Demo of VR available on the Canberra Mat Building, Civic Green Revival and the Shipping Container Cafe).

Please note: All projects are concepts only.



Architectural Masters Studio Fifth Year

A new national concert space to sit within the parliamentary triangle. Using apertures it directs sight lines into and through the building. The NOPV includes a black box for smaller performance events.

Interior Technology Third Year

A fit out of a small cafe into  a shipping container. It features a fold down service platform.


Architectural Masters Studio Fifth Year

An exploration between Northbourne Ave and Sullivans Creek, the linear vs organic line. Forming an urban intervention for a suburb, bring public, commercial and residential into one campus responce.

Canberra Mat hero v2.jpg

Architectural Masters Studio Fourth Year

The Canberra Mat Housing Block is a design idea to test sense of community and identity. It is created by devolving a tool that works on both the micro and macro scales.

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