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Author Julian Barrett

Co-Author Jason Papillaud


Green Architecture

Architectural Practice Post Graduate

This is the original proposal for a future research guide book, work in progress. 

As cities sprawl outward more land is being lost to the urban or suburban condition. Today architects' approach to sustainability is through the introduction of greenery on walls or the roof. This is green architecture but this is not active in its responses to growing societal problems in the world. Humans have three basic needs to survive; shelter, water and food. Architecture is the shelter for humanity, architecture works towards gathering water for supply, yet today food is never considered within the role of architecture. As our cities sprawl further out they take over more farmland and forests. Our actions are decreasing the total arable lands available for agriculture. This is a guide book to explain Active Green Architecture at multiple levels, showing how we can integrate Nature, Agriculture and Urban condition into one architectural response.

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