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Canberra mat housing

Architectural Masters Studio First Year

The Canberra Mat Housing Block is a design idea to test sense of community and identity. It is created by devolving a tool that works on both the micro and macro scales. The process starts by laying a grid over the site. This grid at the macro level must site into the site bounds, mainly being Northbourne Ave and De Durgh St.  The grid sizing on the micro level must also consider the unit sizing. Next, the main axis of the complex along with idea of circulation paths. This attempts to disallow monolith apartment building, favoring a connected community block. Working at the mix of the macro and micro level, the grid is now populated with shades of grey symbolizing unit heights. At the micro level, general unit sizing and window placement is considered. While this iteration has yielded 52 apartments, this tool allows for scale-ability, either coding taller rise blocks, giving a higher density on site, or shifting easily to a larger grid for more occupant space.


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