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Canberra, ACT

manifesto Canberra Urban Sprawl

Architectural Laboratory Third Year

What is the image of a city? Most of the world doesn't know Canberra as the capital city of Australia. Is this identity crisis due to poor public interface? Canberra has had many designs over its lifetime, but the city has fallen into this identity crisis. The city itself is at the mercy of the car, and the people are finding this way of living wore and worse. Why don't we take radical design steps, to improve the liveability of the city? The following suggestions have been made using the theory's that are over 100 years old, so why has it taken us this long? Improving the cities liveability, in turn, may this help improve the image of which Canberra is portrayed to people. These steps need to be simple for people to understand and support but grand in intent to help this broken city. By the end people might question the future of Canberra as a single city or has it grown realist expectations, held together with a simple idea or stubbiness to change and expectancy of the future. 

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