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Kings Park, Parliamentary Triangle, ACT

National Outdoor Performance Venue

Architectural Masters Studio Second Year

The NOPV is a new national 15,000 (2,000 seated, 13,000 standing) person outdoor concert space. Its location on kings park draws an axis across the lake back to the parliamentary triangle. The open back concert shell allows smaller event or the general public to look through towards the other national buildings that dot the south lakeside. The site invites concert-goers to walk along the lake or take the stage 3 light rail with the integration of a bridge to a station.

My design is a bar that uses the idea of the aperture to direct sides into and through the building. Inside the NOPV is a dance practice room and a 300 seat black box theatre for smaller performances. Onsite is a set of public bathrooms and amenities that submerged into the ground to reduce the impact on Canberra's green spaces.

The building is clad in white zinc to give the character of the parliamentary triangles concrete structure while remaining a light weight building. Red zinc panels are used to break up the mass of the surface of the building. The roof fluctuates depending on the use held bellow, yet the building blends into the tree line not imposing onto the view of the lake.

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